TeslaCon 10 : November 14-17, 2019 : Madison Marriot West : Middleton, WI

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All aboard the Orient Express!

TeslaCon is the largest single immersion event for Steampunk fans in North America. We celebrate our 10th Anniversary by riding on the Orient Express (of course, on an alternate timeline that extends past Istanbul all the way to Manchuria)! Join us, as our journey from East to West takes place during the dates of November 14-17 (Thursday through Sunday), 2019.

Our TicketLeap page is closed, but you may still purchase your weekend pass on Thursday the 14th. Starting Friday, only daily tickets will be sold. Tea Room weekend passes are available at Registration during the Convention. VIP tickets and dinner tickets are sold out. General information about our tickets can be found on our ticket page.

Special Guests

TeslaCon 10 Schedule

Last Updated: 10.18.2019

The first draft of the preliminary schedule has been posted.

Changes may occur up until the Convention begins, but we'll do our best to keep our online version up-to-date.

Our schedules will be posted in timetable format throughout the convention/hotel including large maps to make it easier to navigate.


Orient Express Route (TeslaCon)




Tom McLaughlin, an expert in rubber and foam puppets, was latex foam supervisor on The Dark Crystal. Having studied sculpture and rubber technology, McLaughlin oversaw the innovative use of latex foam for the film's characters as well as on other Henson projects like The Muppet Movie and Great Muppet Caper.